Veto Message 103

DATE 10/11/05


     VETO MESSAGE - No. 103


I am returning herewith, without my approval, the following bill:

Senate Bill Number 2514 entitled:

"AN ACT to amend the education law, in relation to the practice of Interior Design"


This bill would amend the Education Law to require any person who utilizes the title “Interior Designer" to first obtain a license from the State Education Department. Under the bill, Interior Designers would have to meet the education, experience and examination requirements established in law in order to be licensed. Alternatively, a person with 15 or more years of experience practicing Interior Design could apply to the State Education Department for an exemption from the bill. The bill would take effect one year after becoming law.

This bill is virtually identical to a bill I disapproved last year.

See:  Veto No. 253 of 2004.  As I stated in last year's disapproval, current law already provides that Interior Designers with demonstrable experience, skill and training can distinguish themselves by becoming licensed "Certified Interior Designers. "Only duly licensed individuals may hold themselves out as “Certified Interior Designers." Interior designers who do not wish to so distinguish themselves, however, may hold themselves out as Interior Designers free of State regulation.

According to the State Education Department, relatively few Interior Designers have obtained state licensure.

While I again commendthe sponsors for their effort to ensure that consumers benefit from the services of highly qualified Interior Designers, current law already provides an effectivemethod for Interior Designers to distinguish themselves by obtaining state licensure and title protection. Furthermore, I have not been presented with any compelling facts or circumstances to justify changing the current system or to otherwise reconsider my earlier disapproval. I am therefore constrained to once again disapprove the bill.

The bill is disapproved.


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